Tony (he/they) started meditating in 2010 during a difficult time when he began to question all the stories people told him about who he was supposed to be. He is a heritage Buddhist and healer that occupies the intersection of queer and BIPOC identities. He is a 2nd generation Vietnamese American whose parents came to the United States as refugees from war. Tony goes by Butterfly in spiritual spaces where they steward practices rooted in compassion, indigeneity, and sacred lineages. They graduated from MNDFL’s 300-hour meditation instructor program, having received mentorship from B. Anderson and David Perrin. He is a current student of Arinna Weisman (Theravada/Vipassana) and Lama Rod Owens (Vajrayana/Tibetan Buddhism) in addition to participating in the East Bay Meditation Center’s PiTA8 program for social justice activists. Tony has also completed compassion cultivation, death doula and non-violent communication training. Butterfly is honored to currently serve as treasurer on the board of directors of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship. They now reside in Brooklyn (occupied Canarsie/Munsee Lenape land).

As a working professional, Tony practices meditation regularly to stay grounded and mindful amid all of the distractions and pressures of life. Drawing from his own experience, he strongly believes that making time to take care of the mind is just as valuable as caring for the body, heart, and spirit. While Tony practices Metta, Vipassana and TM himself, he guides meditation with a simple yet powerful technique of centering on the breath.

Click here to listen to and download a complimentary 20-minute guided meditation with Tony.

Tony considers it an honor and privilege to help others find ease so that they can make more conscious choices to show up as their authentic selves. He’s not interested in the question of, “What am I supposed to do?” Instead, he wants to assist people in discovering, “How can I more fully be?”

Sessions can take solo, couple/duo or small group format. Guided meditations last either 30, 45 or 60 minutes and can take place either in NYC or remotely. Tony is a firm believer in meeting people where they are, whether that is a business, secular or spiritual context. To view rates and book a session, please visit Appointments.

“I have such a hard time sitting still. There are always a million thoughts running around in my head. Thank you for helping me to get quiet with my mind. I haven’t felt that calm in a long time.”Nancy L., New York City

“I can’t remember when I felt so peaceful. I feel so overwhelmed with all the things I’m trying to get done everyday. It is exhausting to always feel like I’m never doing enough. Thanks for being with me to take some time for myself.”Theresa W., San Francisco

“Some things were coming up for me and I was starting to get lost in my thoughts when you offered the invitation to come back to the present. Sitting with you in silence gave me space to realize that I can choose not to worry so much.” Roger D., Los Angeles